Majoring in International Business

Majoring in International Business

Business is more global than ever before. There are a growing number of companies who are conducting commercial operations across borders. Furthermore, international business is constantly expanding and evolving. This has created a need for business managers who are well-versed in all aspects of international business. A quality international business degree can be a wonderful springboard for individuals who are interested in securing a position within the global business market.

International Business Coursework

Business majors who study international business learn how business is conducted within their home country as well as other countries. They focus on learning how to serve customers in international markets, and how to take a local business global. Specific courses may include topics like strategic planning, government relations, and policy analysis.

Educational Requirements

Educational requirements for business majors who want to work in international business vary, and often depend upon the career goal. Students who want to work as a cultural advisor or in international banking will need more advanced degrees than someone who merely wishes to add knowledge of international business to their management skills arsenal. To get an idea of what types of international business degrees are available, and what you can expect from these degree programs, follow these links:

  • Associate Programs are two-year introductory programs that consist primarily of general education courses. Most positions in international business will require more than an associate's degree.
  • BBA Programs provide a bachelor's level education in business administration and take about four years of full-time study to complete. A BBA degree program will give students the basic knowledge required to secure an entry-level position in international business.
  • MBA Programs are for business majors who want to work in supervisory positions or other advanced positions, a master's level program in business administration is a good choice. These programs take one to two years to complete.

Choosing an International Business Program

There are a growing number of schools that offer programs in international business. If you are a current business major or aspiring business major and are interested in international business, you should carefully research the potential job market, as well as the school's reputation in the field prior to enrolling in an international business program. This will allow you to choose the best career path and the best school before you begin your studies.

Careers in International Business

After successfully completing an international business program, business majors should be able to secure a number of positions within the business field. The positions graduates are best qualified for will depend on the education received. For example, someone who focused mainly on the marketing aspects of international business will be best suited for a marketing-related position, while students who specialized in the entrepreneurial aspect of ‚Äčinternational business will be prepared to start their own company or offer consulting services to established organizations.